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Work has been stressful, and I’m getting very sick of winter. Chris has been the inventive cook in our house the past few weeks, making tons of homemade sauces and tasty portobello burgers. I’ve been unenthused. But then I started reading Gabrielle Hamilton’s new book (rather, listening to it on Audiobook). Blood, Bones, and Butter is an awesome memoir, made awesomer by the fact that she is chef/owner of my favorite restaurant of all time, Prune. I’ve spent a few birthdays there, and held the (somewhat) quieter part of my bachelorette party in it’s basement. Her book reminded me of the immense joy I take in simple food, and I went to Trader Joe’s Saturday and picked up ingredients for one of my favorite lunches ever: a par-baked baguette, prosciutto, cornichons (tiny, garlicky French pickles), and radishes. I was thrilled with my cornichons, radishes dipped in butter (ripped off from Prune), and my prosciutto laden baguette (smothered, guiltlessly, with olive oil AND butter).

Tonight, I’m back in the game, and I’m creating a quick recipe for some (alas, frozen) yellowfin tuna steaks Chris and I bought, feta, tomato, and couscous. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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