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Planning for the Week

I have to go back to work on Monday, which sucks. We’ve been having so much fun cooking, and I’ll have way less energy for it while I’m working, so I’m trying to plan.

Today, I’m making this vegetable stock. I think I’ll make a lentil soup one day, maybe with some chicken sausage. I’m also going to use the stock to make a meatless chili this week, which we can reuse for a taco night, too. I almost bought El Paso refried beans, but have you ever looked at the ingredients?! It has a ton of chemicals, and lard, which probably is why it’s so delicious. And gross. We’re going to Jeffrey’s Meats tomorrow to pick up something for Sunday dinner.

We still have some tofu to use up. Any suggestions? We’re having trouble finding appealing tofu recipes.


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In no particular order, I am a writer, reader, wife, teacher, obsessive eater, and amateur home cook.

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  1. How has the week been going so far? As far as tofu, we usually use it in stir fry, but I also like to cube it up, drizzling it with a little oil/spices and just searing it in a hot pan. I’ve also used it as a substitute for paneer in Indian dishes. (I think I may have done that when you were here? I can’t remember!)

    I am always buying refried beans and I usually buy the fat free kind because I honestly can’t really tell that much of a difference. Lately I’ve been buying Ortega brand because it’s been on sale for 99 cents a can and from what I can tell it only has real ingredients. I’m not saying it’s the beacon of nutrition, but they’re refried beans after all. I think it’s one of a few things that I would actually rather just buy prepackaged because either a) it’s not worth the hassle or b) I like it better. I’ve made my own refried beans and they were just OK.


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