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Fritatta, Salad, and No Meat

As part of our pretty dedicated quest to eat less meat, we’ve had a vegetarian day. I made homemade biscuits for breakfast, which we served with Bonne Maman mixed berry preserves. I halve the biscuit recipe, but use an entire half cup of (nonfat) yogurt, and just spoon the dough out into rough drop biscuits. Then, for lunch, Chris boiled some of our frozen ravioli and served it with mushrooms sauteed with butter, olive oil, salt, pepper, and a splash of cream at the end. Delicious.

Dinner was a very easy fritatta, fueled by a late, vacationy afternoon of beers and Dickel whiskey at Black Swan. Chris made a salad on the side with homemade croutons, baby spinach, red onion, and our honey/mustard/balsamic/olive oil dressing. My fritatta was even easier. Chris pre-chopped my scallions and sundried tomatoes, afraid I’d chop off my fingers with the knife, and I sauteed them in some olive oil for two or three minutes before adding five eggs, beaten with a teaspoon of cream, two tablespoons of goat’s cheese, and salt/pepper. I stirred this around lightly over low heat, to make sure the goat cheese was mixed in, while trying to keep the omelet intact. I heated the oven to 350, and when the omelet’s edges were all set, and hte thing was just runny around the middle, dumped a bunch of parmesan on top and stuck it in the oven for 5 minutes to set. What was left was a nice quiche-y item, sans pie crust, and Chris and I each had two hearty pieces for our dinner.

Who needs meat, on a night like this?

Dessert will be Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch. Yum.


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In no particular order, I am a writer, reader, wife, teacher, obsessive eater, and amateur home cook.

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