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Cooking Slump?


by Web Comic xkcd via

I keep finding myself in this vicious cycle. I love food so much. I know how much healthier, more cost effective, and (often) tasty home-cooked meals are. But I get into a certain rhythm with work, and socializing, and just don’t feel like it. The sausage soup I made a couple of weeks ago went bad in only a couple of days, and is still sitting in it’s container in the fridge (ahem, Chris, ahem). Superbowl Sunday meant a super fun party, but also an afternoon with no time for groceries. Plus, we’re broke, and shopping the circulars stops feeling like a game after a few weeks.

I’m hoping Chris will cook tonight’s dinner, with the ground beef we stuck in the freezer last week. I have a few go-to meals when I’m uninspired: fast tomato sauces, tortellini in chicken broth, rice and beans. But then the slump starts to perpetuate itself: the things I’m cooking bore me, so I stay bored with cooking.

This week will likely stay boring. I’m too busy to do any good shopping… maybe I’ll try and get amped up and plan for next week.


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