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Lentil and Sausage Soup

Thanks to Chris's Aunt Terri for the cool bowls!

I made this tonight. I followed the recipe almost exactly, except that I never really have homemade chicken stock around like a good little home cook. I used Trader Joe’s chicken broth concentrate instead. I’m also entirely incapable of opening wine by myself, so I basically spent like an hour on my chef-y mise en place until Chris got home to open the wine. And there’s a lot of prep work, though once it’s done the recipe is easy.

My advice? Do your prep work in advance (fill your bowls with diced vegetables… don’t most of you have dishwashers anyway?), and definitely don’t skip the ketchup, marjoram, or red wine vinegar garnish.

I have to say, this was pretty fantastic. Chris said it would “take a lot” to impress him with a soup… and he excitedly had seconds. In addition, the ingredients were pretty inexpensive, and we definitely have at least one more dinner left. It filled my entire stock pot.


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  1. That’s great! We actually made a few similar dishes over the weekend. I think once you have this basic recipe down you’ll find that you’ll be able to easily swap out ingredients, add different things, vary the consistency to create many different versions of this dish. (Plus a lot of this stuff you will probably always have on hand, lentils in the pantry, maybe stock some sausage in the freezer?) I love food52 but the instructions on this one seemed unnecessarily complicated! I’m glad you tackled it anyway and I can’t wait to see what you try next.

    • Yeah, having made it, I now think the whole thing can be easily streamlined. By sauteeing some onions/celery/carrots and adding stock, I think we have the base for a lot of soups? I liked using the sausage because sauteeing vegetables in pork fat is delicious, and it made the soup even heartier. Do you think that I could’ve just let the lentils cook in the soup? I have no concept of dried beans…

  2. Definitely — you are on your way to becoming a soup master! You can play with the veggies/deglazing liquid for a lot of different flavors and styles of cooking. I also wonder if you are using a lot of other heartier ingredients if stock is completely necessary (say on those days where you don’t have stock ha ha). Of course it adds a richness, but just another thing to consider. For one like this, I don’t think I precooked/soaked the lentils — because I usually have time to let it simmer enough. For other dried beans, I think you’ll definitely need to precook/soak to shorten how long it will take for them to be edible. We also use a lot of kale more than spinach because I think it has a better flavor/texture that holds up better to cooking.

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