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Peaches Hothouse

Peaches Hothouse is a Southern-style restaurant about a 20 minute walk (or 10 minute bus ride) from our apartment, down the street from our friends Nick and Rebekah. We met them for an impromptu brunch this morning. This was our second trip to the Hothouse. The first time was during that huge snowstorm around Christmas; I fell flat on my butt in the middle of the restaurant, and was so embarrassed that I barely remember what I ate. This time, I was in a better frame of mind.

The atmosphere of the place is great. They were playing excellent 50s and 60s soul and R&B, accompanied by a great DVD. The waitress is fun (we all got a kick out of her shimmying behind the bar), and we didn’t have to wait at all for a table. That’s the nice thing about having weekend brunch in Bed-Stuy instead of Brooklyn brunch capitals Williamsburg and Park Slope.

The food here is good, but not exceptional.

We ordered some good, though kind of underseasoned and underbreaded, fried green tomatoes. I had scrambled eggs with North Carolina style pulled pork and pickled onions. They were delicious, but a little too heavy: I could have done with about a half portion. Chris had scrambled eggs with farmer’s cheese and spinach that needed some salt; he didn’t finish his food either. Rebekah had French toast, with what seemed to be canned peaches, but said her meal was good. Nick was pretty unhappy with his fried oyster po’boy, citing similar underseasoning/underbreading issues to the tomatoes.   We ordered some of the house made sausage on the side, which was the one dish we shared that didn’t misstep. The sausage was well-seas0ned, spicy without being very hot, and the portion was generous.

The prices are relatively reasonable (though they shoot up a bit when you’re with a group and ordering copious sides/appetizers). Entrees are under $10 and beers are under $5.

Despite some mixed feelings about the food, we all agreed we would return for the service, atmosphere, and proximity to home… I just hope they develop a heavier hand with the salt shaker.


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