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Last night…

I got home late, so I made scrambled eggs with mushrooms and mozzarella for dinner. It tasted good, but looked like barf, because I am utterly incapable of making an omelet.  Any suggestions?


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In no particular order, I am a writer, reader, wife, teacher, obsessive eater, and amateur home cook.

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  1. Call it scrambled eggs.

  2. Your dad is the king of omelets though… He should have his own cooking show.

  3. Hold it right there. Your dad’s DAD is the king of omelets. So last night I made a simple one for dinner. Just lots of onion flakes and dried parsley flakes from the spice rack. The parsley is more for color than anything else. I was lazy, but that dish still hit the spot.

    My favorite omelet ingredients are sliced onions, mushrooms, frozen corn kernels, frozen peas (OK, any frozen vegetable) and practically anything else that’s in the refrigerator or on the spice shelf. Be innovative, Lady Pie!

  4. OK, so, dad AND Zayde: give me a tutorial! I can’t figure out how to fold them or get them to cook evenly. Oh! We could video omelet lessons and post these entertaining shenanigans!

  5. My omelets look pretty bad too, but Kevin eats them just fine. I’m not a fan of eggs.

    • Really? But eggs can be prepared to many ways!! They are one of those things, though, that some people have a visceral distaste for…


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