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Food Planning Day!

I’m a giant dork, and I get great pleasure out of planning things. This week, I used the circular from our semi-local Foodtown to help plan the upcoming week’s meals.

My dad’s lovely wife Caryn recently suggested I consider cooking more soups. They’re wallet friendly, store well, and tend to be fairly healthy. I want to try both of these this week, served with crusty bread and salad:

The first looks a little more labor intensive, but there will be leftovers for one lazy night. The second serves 2, which is perfect, and looks delightfully simple.

Chicken breasts are on sale, so I’ll sautee them simply and serve them with some of that left over  compound butter, a salad, and a vegetable or starch.

I think on another night, I’ll do this one, since it contains almost entirely items I have in my cupboards:

All this food planning is making me hungry, and excited to shop and cook. I’m a nerrrrrd.


About Elizabeth

In no particular order, I am a writer, reader, wife, teacher, obsessive eater, and amateur home cook.

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  1. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this post. This has been enlightening for me. I’ve forwarded this to one of my friends.


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