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Dim Sum and Doughnuts

Remember that diet I mentioned? Consider it on hold, for the moment.

We stopped for a late brunch of dim sum today at Mandarin Court on Mott Street in Chinatown. I’ve never been mad about Chinese food, but Chris loves it, and it seems like I ought to develop my palate for it, as a New York (half) Jew. I had dim sum for the first time in college and it’s always a Chinese option I’m down for. I love dumplings. I love pork buns. I love the experience of picking plates off a cart. In this spirit, Mandarin Court was fun, and we had really delicious shrimp dumplings, pork shu mai, shrimpy noodles, and these buns filled with eggy custard (that was a little weird and grainy for my taste). Best of all, we paid $17 (including tip!) for two people. And we were stuffed.

Not too stuffed, of course, for Doughnut Plant.  To make up for the excess of calories already consumed, and to-be-consumed, we walked from Chinatown over to Grand Street for doughnuts I’ve been dying for ever since seeing them on Food Network’s Best Thing Ever. Chris seconded this motion, because he used to live nearby. It’s probably great that Doughnut Plant is really, really inaccessible to us. Because it’s freaking amazing. We ate three doughnuts between us. In order of worst (but still awesome) to best:

– Blackout Cake doughnut: the cake doughnuts are good, though I probably won’t get them again. They’re terrific, moist cakes, and the blackout cake doughnut is filled with a great chocolatey sauce.

– Tres leches cake doughnut: also moist and delicious, and filled with a really unique milk cream

– Vanilla glazed yeast doughnut with blackberry jam (one of the square ones): the house made jam really made this doughnut. The yeastiness is much more traditionally doughnutty, and the glaze was just superb. BEST DOUGHNUT EVER.

Oh, man. I already want to go back and try some of their other flavors… peanut butter and jelly doughnut?! Meyer lemon? Creme brulee? Mmmmmm.


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  1. Sounds great — I want to go to Doughnut Plant at some point, but can I be nosey and ask how much $ per doughnut?

    • It was like $2.50 (it depends on yeast or cake… I think the priciest ones were $3?). Not a nosey question at all. Always, always game to talk about prices of things. 😉

  2. Cool — definitely want to try them out sometime! You should also try making your own doughnuts.

  3. Sure — you can find some pics + the recipe I use here: (this is something that came from my mom/grandma) I’m sure you could jazz it up by mixing other things in the dough (fruit, spices, etc.) as long as you keep an eye on the consistency. You could also probably bake these, but I haven’t tried that yet (and not sure what doughnut essence they might lose). Or you could always do the quick & dirty cut-up-a-canned-biscuit method. Not that either of those things are particularly going to help with a healthy lifestyle change, but homemade just *seems* like it would be better for you, right?

  4. Those doughnuts sound amazing! The best doughnuts here are from Walmart.. seriously it is sad.


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