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Back to work and broke…

And therefore I have to put more thought into our week’s food this weekend. I went to the farmer’s market on my block (it’s amazing) and picked up tomatoes, delicata squash, sweet potatoes, yukon potatoes, red and yellow onions, peaches, garlic, sage, and basil. I’m going to make Chris’s favorite¬†peach and red onion salad (it’s the second on Bittman’s summer salad list, a salad our friends Nick and Rebekah recommended) one more time this summer, before the peaches are gone. And I’m going to herald in the fall with a roasted squash/sweet potato/sage combo.

I’m headed next to the grocery store to pick up the makings for a homemade granola, which Chris and I will both bring to work with yogurt for breakfast all week.

Note: I made the granola and it came out a little off. The whole thing tastes a bit burned. I theorize that this is because I didn’t buy raw nuts (it wasn’t an option at my local store) and they probably became overcooked. It’s still edible, but if I were to make the above recipe again, I’d look for raw nuts and I’d err on the side of more honey, as well. The whole mixture was a little bland, though it smells amazing and homey while it’s baking.

I’m also going to figure out lunch fixings. I might try to make us some wrap sandwiches this week? I have a hard time being creative about lunch.

Chris gave notice at work, so we’re hoarding our money at the moment. I might even get some ramen noodles, just to be safe. Though, damn, I want those days to be over…


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In no particular order, I am a writer, reader, wife, teacher, obsessive eater, and amateur home cook.

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  1. Hi Liz — when I make granola, I’ve used Alton Brown’s recipe as a base ( The main difference to me (besides adding oil, which also may help if you’re not completely opposed to such things) seems to be the temp. I’ve made mine at the lower temp/longer baking time. Depending on how reliable your oven temp is, that might also be part of it. I’ve made it with raw nuts and roasted and it didn’t seem to change it too much. I’ve tweaked things a bit to add what I like and take out what I don’t (I don’t really dig coconut or cashews in my granola), so it might also just be how specific ingredients cook?

    • Hmm… I’ll totally try alton brown’s recipe! Your suggestions make a ton of sense, too. I think my oven may be a little off, too… thinking of getting a thermometer …


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