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Today I went for lunch at Food Swings, vegan fast food, with a vegan girlfriend of mine. I have to confess, I was skeptical. Obviously, I’m not a vegan. But the food was pretty damn good! We’re friends with the chef, and he gave us some “mozzarella sticks” to try. They were tasty! The breading was totally perfect and the cheese, while not an exact replica, had the right texture and a pleasant taste. I also had the much lauded drumsticks, and the fried-skin on the one was very yummy; the bbq sauce on the other was terrific (and that’s all you really taste with wing-type chicken anyway). A reviewer on Yelp wrote about the genius of the skewers, used to simulate bones in the “chicken”, and I agree. They really made it chickeny. My burger was so loaded with sauce, pickles, onion, etc. that I barely missed the meat. To me, though, the fries were the total tour de force. They’re perfect fries. That’s what I’d go back for. I don’t see much of a place in my life for fake meat– though if I’m hanging with vegans, I totally don’t mind Food Swings’ fake meat variety– but I’d go on my own for fries.


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  1. I’m sure the animals of the world are very appreciative of this.


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