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For my birthday, Chris always takes me for a pricier-than-usual meal. Last year, we went to my favorite restaurant: Prune. But I eat there a lot, and had my awesome bachelorette party dinner there, so Chris asked our friend Chad (a chef at a vegan fast food place in Brooklyn) for a recommendation and he suggested Buttermilk Channel. He even scored us reservations for two (ordinarily, the spot only takes reservations for parties of 5 or more… chefs are good friends to have).

We started the night with a drink at my favorite cocktail bar this side of Nashville, The Clover Club. (If you’re in Nashville, go to the Patterson House for drinks.) I wish I could remember the name of the aperitif I had; it was good, but not as great as the Pimms Punch I shared with my girlfriends there earlier in the summer. Chris had a beer, ’cause he’s boring. Then we headed walked over to Buttermilk Channel, which is on the border of Carroll Gardens and Red Hook, I think.

Coincidentally, my birthday fell on a Monday, and Buttermilk Channel has a $25 Monday prix-fixe deal, which includes an appetizer, entree and dessert. They start you off with delightful popovers, and we ordered the house made pickles to start. They brought out a mix of sweet and sour pickles which were super pleasant, but ultimately not necessary, because we had a mountain of food on it’s way. The Monday appetizer selection was limited, so we ordered the flatbread with housemade ricotta off the normal dinner menu. The mild, milky ricotta was paired beautifully with a brightening lemon oil and squash blossoms (Chris thought they were asparagus) added a fresh, vegetable-y element. It was awesome, and worth spending a few more bucks for.

We tried each of the appetizers off the Monday menu. I had the corn chowder, which was good, though it was super hot for soup. Chris had a bibb lettuce and radish salad, which I’m sure was refreshing. I stole a radish, but I’m a bad kid and I never eat my greens unless they’re doused in butter. For my entree, I ordered the ham wrapped brook trout, served on a bed of grits. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten trout before, but it’s a really mild fish, which was livened up by the crispy, salty ham. It was pretty great. Chris ordered the fried chicken and waffles, which were served with a really inventive maple syrup/balsamic reduction, which kept the dish from feeling like something out of a southern diner.

The meal ended with a mini version of the restaurant’s famous pecan pie sundae,which was bliss. The sundae is basically a pecan pie smushed up and shoved into a glass with delicious butter pecan ice cream (which I think is from my favorite ice cream shop, Blue Marble). It was a wonderful end to a great meal. I’m eager to go back!


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